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Heard is a trusted digital network of licensed, evidence-based therapists. With Heard, you can:

  • Setup 1:1 virtual business consultations
  • Find and join online peer consultation groups
  • Participate in weekly workshops, events and trainings
  • Access a robust clinical referral network by specialty
  • Participate in forum-based discussions
  • Receive monthly 1:1 curated professional connections

30-day trial, no credit card needed. If you decide to join? After that, only $99.99 for the year.

Your private practice toolkit for success

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Build Your Clinical Network

Cultivate your community of like-minded clinicians for support and consultation.

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Build Your Online Presence

Put your brand into action with simple guides, trainings and individual support.

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Build Your Client Caseload

Fill the empty slots on your calendar and grow a highly profitable practice.

Our community

We believe in working together.

A Step-By-step Roadmap to Success

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Learn from other clinicians how to grow a profitable business.

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Jumpstart your private practice knowledge with a variety of guides.

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Tune into weekly workshops for actionable advice and business tips.

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Get the individual support you need from industry leading experts.

Asha Bauer Psy.D.

Erica Simon Ph.D.

Lindsay Trent Ph.D.

Andrea Zorbas Psy.D.

Our Support

The faces behind our success

Our mission

We believe that there is only one you.

At Heard, we believe that therapy plays a crucial role in the betterment of our society. We also have conviction in the idea that if we work together, we can enable the most effective and efficient care for as many people as possible.

To push this movement forward, we aim to equip therapists with a powerful platform to realize their fullest potential, both professionally and personally.

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